Chapter Thirteen: Solemn Choice

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Chapter Thirteen: Solemn Choice

Post by kamokronos on Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:20 pm

Chapter Thirteen:
Solemn Choice

Murtagh stared across the open sky. The shining stars so radiant, standing out in the black canvas. Once, he could have sworn he had seen a shooting star. They say it brings luck, and that you should wish for something, but he doubted that the theory was true. Its more like hope, disappearing from view, Thorn, he said to his dragon partner, who laid opposite of him.

Perhaps, but is it not better to let people believe it will bring them good luck, when in truth, it hasn't changed the misfortune inevitably approaching them? He responded, not even trying to lighten the mood. The past few days, Murtagh had become depressed, and sulky. Thorn stopped to wonder if Murtagh's own solemness was affecting his own.

“That would depend whether people want to live their whole life as a lie, or live in the darkened truth: reality,” Murtagh said aloud. He desperately hoped Eragon would find a solution soon. He knew Galbatorix would find out he was planning to betray him, and if he did, he would be forced to serve yet again. Murtagh shuddered at the thought.

What would your preference be? People already live a lie, and yet their lives are still full of misery. No longer do people have open hearts as they once did. This world is collapsing. Without the strength and support of everyone in Alagaesia, I wonder if we will ever be able to defeat Galbatorix, Thorn admitted to Murtagh, pessimistically.

Eragon will find a way, and if he doesn't, we will, right? Murtagh said, trying to lighten the mood. The conversation had gotten out of hand, from a shooting star to Galbatorix. Big difference, he thought privately.

Bidding their good nights, Murtagh fell asleep against Thorn's rough, crimson belly. Unlike Eragon, he had to sleep, not be in a trance. This left him open, as he could not be fully aware of what happened around him while he slept. That was when they struck.


Tein paced back and forth through-out the dirty cave. After it was discovered that he had secretly been working with Galbatorix, the Dams had thrown him into the pitiful cave. It was dark, foul smelling, and worst of all, he was claustrophobic. To make matters worse, it was basically a jail. He was barred inside by a type of steel he had never seen. Two guards were posted outside, just to make sure, but that was what upset him the most. Like I could escape! He thought as he glanced at one.

Tein was an Urgal, but not just that, he was a Kull. During the fight at the Burning Plains, he had run to Galbatorix's castle and warned him of the Urgals plan to make a truce with the Varden. In fact, because of him, Murtagh had been sent to make the chance of winning even greater.

After Nar Garzhvog had discovered his secret dealings with the apparent drajl. But Tein didn't care, well, at least he hadn't cared until he was thrown in jail. After all, he was being paid well for this, but he had a gut feeling Galbatorix would, or already had, as a matter of fact, double crossed him.

Tein scolded himself for this. “How could I be so pig-headed to not realize that he had already betrayed us once, and that he would do it again!” he yelled at himself. It caught one of the guard's attention, who looked back to see Tein hitting his head against the cave wall.

The guard's name was Tesh, Tein's older brother. He had been assigned to guard his brother, but wasn't very happy about it. He loved Tein, although his mistakes often got them both into trouble. With a glance at the guard beside him, Tesh hurried off to the Urgal camp. Maybe he does regret what he did, he thought to himself, a speck of hope reemerging. Tesh hoped that Nar Garzhvog would reconsider his brother's imprisonment. What he didn't know was that Garzhvog was already heading in his direction with a new prisoner, a familiar one.


“Ow, what do you think you're doing?!” Murtagh exclaimed as he was dragged by one of the Urgal guards. These must be the same ones who attacked Farthen Dur, and then fought on the Burning Plains, he thought. Thorn flew just above them, the threat of Murtagh's death if he tried anything “funny.”

Murtagh still couldn't believe that he had been captured. He thought he had been careful to make sure he wasn't being followed, and that the camp was well hidden. Apparently not, Thorn had replied. While in the middle of thinking, his head collided with a small boulder on the ground, leaving him unconscious. Thorn watched helplessly, as Murtagh was thrown into the same cave as Tein.

Water dripped down his face as Murtagh stood up. Brushing his hair and the water from his eyes, he surveyed the cave, and the Urgal at the other end. “What are you in here for,” he called to Tein.

It was a while before he decided to answer, as he knew that the man was Murtagh, and that he was a rider. “I betrayed my clan by assisting and plotting with Galbatorix,” he answered.

Murtagh nearly strangled the Kull to death, but decided that it was against his best interests. Instead, he took interest in the pictures and symbols painted on the cave walls. In an instant, he knew what it was: The Ancient Language.

As he read down the wall, he began to understand more and more of what it was about, and who it was written by: The Grey Folk. It contained much information on magic, but more importantly, oaths. How ironic, he thought, referring to the bind he was in, but immediately things changed from sarcasm to surprise as he learned the secret which had been revealed to Eragon.

I have to kill Eragon, my own brother, in order to free myself from Galbatorix...?


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