Chapter Nine: Meanings

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Chapter Nine: Meanings

Post by kamokronos on Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:08 am

Chapter Nine:

Eragon, wake up! Saphira shouted through their mental link. He quickly willed his heart to beat faster, and deepened his breathing, allowing him to recover from his trance.

Sorry, Saphira, he said apologetically, there's something I wanted to talk to you about.

What is it? Saphira asked, concerned. Eragon told her about the dream. He saw it as a foreseen doom, and feared what might happen that day. I see, I do not recognize the man you speak of, but be sure to watch for him. Perhaps even ask Arya if she recalls someone like him.

Ask Arya? She must be mad at me, I wouldn't dare, he said, shivering with fear.

Perhaps, but it is only right that you tell her about this dream, as you have all your others, she told him.

Very well, he growled. He quickly dressed, shaved, and saddled Saphira. As he was buckling the saddle, he asked her, what do you think it means, Saphira?

I think, she answered, that it means we must do everything within our power to prevent it from happening.

Aye. Eragon leaped onto Saphira, and she took off towards the castle gates, where they were to meet Arya and depart for Ellemera. He looked at the sun, and realized they were very late. It took them only ten minutes to arrive there, passing over buildings and shops, and hundreds of people. Surda is huge! Eragon noted as Saphira prepared to land. Dust particles and rocks flew beneath Saphira's large feet as she landed on the ground.

“Where have you been, Eragon?” Nasuada demanded, standing next to Arya.

“I'm sorry, there was something that came up,” he replied, and then looked at Arya, “Are you ready?”

Arya nodded as Nasuada spoke, “Very well. good luck Eragon, and may what gods there be watch over you.” As she finished, Arya leaped onto Saphira in one graceful motion, and they took off, heading west towards the Beor mountains. After an hour, Eragon had gathered up enough courage to speak to Arya.

“Arya...” he hesitated, thinking of what to say, “There is something we needed to tell you...”

“So,” she stated simply, waiting for the news. Keeping her expressionless face, she listened intently as he described his dream to her, forgetting no details. When he finished, and glanced at her, he saw that her expression had changed. Instead, it was hidden behind her long, black hair. Even so, he could see the tears rolling from her cheeks. He wondered why this had hurt her so much.

Is she all right? Saphira asked, concerned. Eragon's affection for Arya had affected Saphira as well.

I...I'm not sure, but I think something's wrong... he said, guilt swelling up in his chest. Perhaps we shouldn't have told her...

No Eragon, we did the right thing. At least now she knows what is to come. We can only hope she'll suffer less pain than she would have if we had hidden the truth, Saphira said, comfortingly. It seems your feelings have affected mine as well, she joked, laughter erupting from her throat, rumbling like rocks.

Perhaps, he said, distracted. He looked worriedly at Arya, hoping that Saphira was right. There's only one thing I can do, he decided. Eragon couldn't bare to see her in this state. She almost looked like she was...heartbroken! Eragon approached her, full of pity. He knew what it was like, and he wanted to help in whatever way possible. It's my fault, he thought, convincing himself.

“Arya, I'm sorry...” he murmured. “I promise, I swear an oath on my blood, that no matter what, I wont let his death happen.”

“Eragon,” was all she could say, speechless. She realized she was showing her emotions, and she turned away. He gazed at her, almost mystified by her depression. She didn't realize how much it hurt him, not just herself.

Brave words, Eragon, Saphira remarked. I hope you can keep them.

Everything was quiet after that. No one spoke, not even Saphira. Eragon noticed an uncomfortable air around them, and he couldn't understand why. He looked down, and saw an opening in the forest's canopy. Saphira, its getting late, we should rest, he said.

Very well, she replied, dipping her head in mid flight. Even after what he had said, Eragon was still concerned about Arya. She hadn't spoken at all, and she looked elsewhere, as if she was deep in thought. Eragon tried to push Arya out of his mind as they plunged into the forest, and landed on the ground. Arya wordlessly jumped off, while Eragon slid down Saphira's scaly back. He watched as Arya disappeared into the trees and undergrowth. Eragon was about to call after her, but Saphira quickly interrupted, Eragon leave her.

He dipped his head in sorrow, but settled down against a tree stump, looking into the darkness. Every since his dream, he couldn't stop thinking about the future. What will I become, he wondered as he fell into his trance, the trees towering over even Saphira.

Eragon awoke from his trance with a start, as Saphira prodded him with her claws. He noticed Arya shifting uneasily, but mentioned nothing. Signaling her that it was time to depart once again, they both leaped onto Saphira's back, and watched silently as they were lifted into the morning sky. The sun shined in Eragon's eyes, almost blinding him. He was forced to look down, and observe as the forest passed by underneath them. "Skulblakasven," he whispered quietly to himself. Seeing through Saphira's eyes, he saw the small animals of the forest, squirrels, mice, and ants. Eragon smiled, as he was reminded of his first stay at Ellesmera, and his training with Oromis. It seems so long since then, he said to Saphira.
It has been a long time since then, for both of us, Little One, she replied. Someday, we shall come here, and visit all of these places. He marveled at the beauty of nature, and wished he could be absorbed into its serenity and peacefulness.

We could live here, he told her, and we would both love it.

Yes, we could, Little one. He glanced up, and saw Ellesmera drawing nearer. He could see various elves in the large city, and even the palace with his enhanced vision.

Ending the spell, he called to Arya, who was behind him, “We're almost there!” She didn't respond, instead, she looked away, as if ignoring him. He glanced back at her, and then turned his attention towards Saphira.

Its all right, Little One, give her time.

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