Chapter Five: The Rescue

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Chapter Five: The Rescue

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Chapter Five
The Rescue

Roran drifted into consciousness after a few hours. He looked around and saw a dark cave, and the Ra’zac’s dead bodies lying beside him. He moved into a sitting posture, and surveyed the area. It was gloomy, and filled with the smell of blood. No light remained in the cave, for it was in a place the sun could not reach. Roran heard a sound coming from behind him. Someone is here, he thought to himself.

Eragon emerged from a darkened corridor. “Roran, are you all right?” he asked, concerned. Eragon could see just as well in the dark because of his transformation.

“Who’s there?” demanded Roran, a hint of fear in his voice. Eragon remembered he couldn’t see, so he set up a few logs, and muttered, “Brisingr.”

“Oh, Eragon, what are you…” He paused, as all of the day’s events flooded into him, like the light from the fire.

“Are you well enough to get up?” Eragon asked.

“Aye, we have to save Katrina. Do you know where she is yet?”

“Yes, I was just scouting it out. There are 5 frightened soldiers from the empire.” He answered, as Roran got up. He assisted him, so that he wouldn’t fall. Roran picked up his hammer, and said, “Lets go then.”

Eragon lit a torch, and handed it over to Roran, as he didn’t need it. “Thanks,” he muttered.

Together, they walked through the caves, until Eragon touched Roran’s mind, and said, Stop here, and don’t say a word.

Perfectly silent, Eragon crept through the doorway, and hovered in the shadows. He blended in so well that the soldiers didn’t even notice him. He touched all five of their minds, and used one of the 12 death words. Their bodies fell limp as they tumbled to the ground. Katrina let out a cry of alarm, watching her captors fall dead as if for no reason. Eragon appeared out of the shadows to Katrina, and Roran came from behind the entrance. “Who are you?!” she asked, not recognizing Eragon.

Roran answered for him, “That’s Eragon.”

“Roran?! Oh, Im so glad to see you!” she said after hearing his voice. He rushed up to her, and cut the ropes binding her hands and feet. They hugged, and then Katrina surveyed Eragon. “Is that really Eragon?” She asked both Roran and him.

“Aye, its him…” Roran didn’t tell her he was a dragon rider quite yet. She’s already scared enough, he decided.

"Roran, Katrina, we must go. I fear Saphira might not be fairing well,” he said. Roran nodded, and helped Katrina to stand. Eragon ran much faster than them, just to make sure it was safe.

“Wait up, Eragon!” Roran shouted after him, nearly out of breath. He found him sitting on the ground cross legged, waiting for them. He continued to walk slower, in case Roran or Katrina need his assistance.

Saphira, he said, contacting her, we are coming out, are you alright?

Yes, but there is something important we must discuss, she replied.

Alright, we’ll be there soon, he assured her. It took them 30 minutes to finally exit the cave. To them, it seemed like a never ending maze, and they all let out gasps of relief when they saw the light.

“We’re here!” Katrina shouted with renewed enthusiasm.

What does Saphira want to talk to me about, Eragon wondered. I hope she is alright,
he thought to himself.

They took a break before exiting the cave. “Katrina, Roran, do either of you need healing?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Katrina asked, confused.

“He means,” answered Roran, “that he can use magic, and he wants to know if you need to be healed.”

Katrina looked at Eragon, afraid, because magic users were feared throughout the empire.

“I have a few cuts and scratches,” she said.

Eragon approached her, and muttered, “Weise heil.” Katrina watched as blue light emanated from Eragon’s palm, and the Gedwey Ignasia lit up, shining like silver. He healed all her wounds, and then stood up.

“We should leave now then.” Roran and Katrina stood, and all three exited the cave. Saphira, where are you? he asked through their mental connection.

Coming, she replied. When Eragon looked up, he saw her flying towards them, and then noticed another large red figure, following close behind her.



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