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The Search for Truth | Second poem by Digger412 | 5/13/08

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The Search for Truth | Second poem by Digger412 | 5/13/08 Empty The Search for Truth | Second poem by Digger412 | 5/13/08

Post by Digger412 Wed May 14, 2008 12:04 am

Here's another poem, kinda sad but it has truth in it.

Seeking but not perciving,
Searching but not discovering,
Pursueng but not finding,
Looking but not uncovering.

What are we here for then,
If we can't find what we look for,
Is it not a matter of if, but when,
Or is it just a matter of lore?

What can we do if we don't open the door,
Could we just sit and wonder,
Or are we supposed to be looking for more,
What if it is just a big misconcieved bluder?

Is it just a stab at truth,
Or does it have some fact,
Can any of it be proved,
Or is it something that we have lacked.

Even if someone denies,
They can't help what they hold inside,
Even through all of the lies,
It must all collide.

Things will escape,
Feelings will be hurt,
Even though they say it is a big mistake,
That doesn't undo the damage done.

We all know where everything is,
We just have to open the door,
Even though the truth can make blood run cold,
We all have to seperate it all from the lore.

Want to help me? Click here. I'd really appreciaite it.

He who said nothing is impossible has never tried to slam a revolving door shut

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