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About Secrets Of Twilight

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About Secrets Of Twilight Empty About Secrets Of Twilight

Post by kamokronos Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:18 pm

Secrets Of Twilight is my very own book, unlike Du Blodhren, which is based off the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I was inspired to write it by my friends, my family, and my favorite authors, such as Christopher Paolini, Erin Hunter, and Kathryn Lasky. Its one book of the series, called Nature's Chronicles. Obviously, its very nature based, which how I wanted it to be.

The title of the book is Secrets of Twilight. Twilight basically means darkness, night time, etc. Just from the title, you can tell the main character is going to have to uncover quite a few dark secrets.

The main character so far is Feinor, and the main villain is Ranor.


  • Amenos: The clan of animals and nature
  • Ragnos: The clan of fire and destruction
  • Skulnor Wars: The Dragon Wars - The clan war over the last dragon egg
  • Skulnor: Dragon
  • Skulka: Dragon Lord - You command one dragon and gain its power
  • Ameska: Animal Friend - You can communicate with all animals
Setting and Location:
Secrets Of Twilight is set on the continent Crystenos. Full of lush green forests and large cities, it houses the Elves, the Dwarves, the last of the Dragons, and Humans.

Questions and Comments:

If this doesn't answer all your questions, be sure to post your question in the Discuss forum, so I can answer it, or you can email me at

Copyright Information:
Kamokronos 2008 (All Chapters and bits and pieces of Secrets Of Twilight are
Copyrighted by law. Please do not redistribute without my explicit
permission. Thank you).

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