*Please Read* - Posting Your Novel

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*Please Read* - Posting Your Novel

Post by kamokronos on Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:13 am

Welcome to the Author Kamokronos Writer's Lounge. We wish for authors to be able to express themselves not only through their posts and conversations with other people, but with their writing. As such, we would like to make this as organized, and as fun as possible. This entails competitions, featured novels, and everyone encouraging each other.


Please remember that when first posting your novel, have a name. Please put the name of your book, the chapter in which it is currently on, and the date in which it was last updated. Please put them in that EXACT order. There is no need to put your username, as it is already displayed. For example, if I were to make a thread of Du Blodhren, it would look like this:

Du Blodhren - Chapter 13 - 4/27/08 (Please remember to use "-" or "|" as a separator. Also, when you post a new chapter, remember to update the subject of your first post! As such, I know we forget, or we make a mistake. People who, on a continual basis, continue to leave their thread's subject, while new chapters are being posted, will be warned. Subsequently, they may be suspended for a day (After the 20th or so time), so just remember to update the subject.

For the sake or organization and space, please place your chapter in a spoiler. Above it, be sure to tell what chapter it is. By putting it in a spoiler, it makes for a more organized post that people can easily scroll down, see a post that says "Chapter 13!", click the spoiler, and be off reading. This is better than all the scrolling because of long chapters, wouldn't you agree?

Make sure that what you are posting is appropriate. This site is for 12+ year olds. Anything that is inappropriate will be deleted without hesitation or warning, and the author will be suspended for a minimum of 7 days, depending on the situation.

Please remember to follow these new rules. Authors will be warned if they haven't updated their threads to comply with these rules. I hope all of you benefit from these rules.

Thank you.


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