Chapter Six: The Truth and Lies

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Chapter Six: The Truth and Lies

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Chapter Six
The Truth And Lies

Eragon was left speechless as he stared into the eyes of his enemy: Thorn. “What do you want?” he growled.

Eragon, he saved my life.

“Perhaps, but for what reason? A ploy to talk to me? A way to kill us both?” He turned to Thorn, waiting for an answer.

I am here to ask for your assistance. Murtagh needs you to sever his bond with Galbatorix, he said, and bowed to show his respect. Eragon was taken aback by his response, as with Saphira, it was the answer he expected least of all.

“Murtagh already refused my offer,” Eragon replied bluntly.

Yes, we are well aware of that. He let his pride get the best of him, and Galbatorix’s bond makes compelled him to refuse, as he cannot openly oppose Galbatorix.

“Perhaps I will help you, but for now that must wait.” Eragon turned to Saphira, and asked, what happened to you?

Two lethrblaka were too much for me. They cornered me near a cliff, and Thorn saved my life. He killed both of the beasts, she explained.

“Very well, you have my gratitude for saving Saphira’s life, and now I must repay that debt. I will help Murtagh, but once I do, he must swear fealty to Nasuada, as I did, to prove his loyalty,” he stated.

Of course, as will I, Thorn replied. Again, Thorn’s willingness to help the Varden stunned Eragon, and he was forced to revise his view of both his brother and Thorn.

“Thorn, as of yet, I do not know how to sever the bonds, but I will speak with the elves about it, but I cannot tell them that I am helping you. I doubt even Nasuada will approve. That means you must stay somewhere….is that possible for you?” he asked.

Indeed, I think the Beors would have more than enough room for me to go unnoticed.

“Yes, I suggest you head there now, as I must return to Surda.” Eragon leaped onto Saphira, and signaled to Roran and Katrina to do the same. Saphira, will you be able to carry all three of us?

Of course, Little One, and thank you, for doing the right thing.

Eragon heard Roran and Katrina talking. “Eragon is a dragon rider?!” Katrina asked in a quiet voice, aghast.

“Aye, he discovered Saphira in the Spine, and ran away with Brom to the Varden. Unfortunately, Brom died on the way,” he replied.

“Then whose was that red dragon?” Katrina was obviously curious.

“That was Eragon’s brother’s dragon, Thorn,” he answered.

Eragon watched as he saw Thorn fly towards the Beors. I wonder, he thought to himself, would Arya approve of my actions? He returned his attention to Saphira, and told her, we should rest here, and continue in the morning.

Of course, I will land. Eragon jumped off Saphira, and assisted Roran and Katrina in doing the same.

“We’ll rest here for the night,” he told them as he sat down, and leaned back onto Saphira. Roran and Katrina slept on the dirt, while Eragon kept watch. I wonder what Nasuada will do when we get back, he thought to Saphira.

I wonder as well, after all, we went against her commands. Eragon and Saphira did not talk the rest of the night, and he began to dwell on the same thought again, just as he did every night: Morzan…my father. He shuddered at the thought, and went into his trance-like state, still aware of his surroundings.

In the morning, he woke Saphira, Roran, and Katrina. They began their flight towards Surda, where they would arrive at noon. “Is that Surda?” Katrina asked, excited.

“Yes, the Varden are also there, and it is where Carvahall will be staying,” Eragon responded. Saphira landed in the center of Aberon, where King Orrin’s castle was located, and where Nasuada was staying. She had moved the Varden from the Burning Plains while he was gone. He leaped off Saphira, who lowered her body as near to the ground as she could, to let Roran and Katrina off. Lady Nasuada was there waiting for Eragon.

“Eragon,” she acknowledged.

“Lady Nasuada,” he said, bowing. “I am sorry, but I could not let Roran go to Helgrind on his own.”

“You did the right thing, Eragon,” she said. Then she laughed, which surprised Eragon the most. “It was a test. Arya and I devised it to see if you would do the right thing instead of following my requests, and you did. Thus, you have passed, and you may go to Ellesmera with Arya and complete your training.”

Eragon was left speechless. It was a test… he thought to himself. He couldn’t believe it. This whole time we thought we were going against Nasuada’s orders, but it was just a test! he said to Saphira, and almost laughed.

Yes, she certainly had us both tricked. At least, though, we did the right thing, she replied.

Aye, and now we can finish our training with Master Oromis and Glaedr.


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