Chapter Fourteen: Half A Heart

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Chapter Fourteen: Half A Heart

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Chapter 14
Half A Heart

Eragon felt awkward standing outside of Arya's room. I suppose its better than not talking to her at all, he thought. “Either way, I'm sorry...” he murmured to her, not knowing he had been blushing from the beginning.

“Eragon, it wasn't your fault. I should have...” she trailed off, not wanting to tell him. “Don't worry about it,” she finished.

Arya watched as he turned around and began to walk away, but glanced back, just for a second. “We're still friends...right?” he asked carefully. After all, Eragon didn't want his immature actions to ruin their friendship, again.

This time, Arya thought about her answer. She didn't want to stand in Eragon's way, and she knew how she had reacted... “We can't, and so it never shall be,” Arya answered in a cold tone.

Eragon shrugged, acting as if it didn't matter. In reality, however, he felt as if half of his heart had just been torn off. This time, he did walk away, and then jumped onto Saphira, desperately trying to escape the dreadful moment.

Arya released a sigh, knowing how Eragon had reacted. Did I do the right thing? She wondered. She had only been looking out for the people of Alagaesia, and Eragon.


What did I do, Saphira? He asked, sadness resonating in his voice. Saphira could feel his emotions, so she too had been somewhat dragged down into a state of depression. Still, she could tell Eragon was the one suffering the most.

Perhaps its for the best, and Arya realized that, she offered. It was no use comforting him, she had decided. He'll just have to get over it.

“Maybe...” he replied. “But why'd I have to be so stupid? It was all my fault. If I hadn't been so immature and...and I hadn't...” Eragon kept going on and on, the same way. Saphira began to doubt if he'd ever recover. He'll have to.


It was hours later, Saphira had lost track of time listening to Eragon rambles and rants about his mistakes. Eragon! She shouted angrily through their connection. Get a hold of yourself. If this is how you feel, she made the right choice! You can mend your relationship with her later, honestly. She hadn't thought about her choice of words, they had just come out. Saphira couldn't stand listening to him any longer.

Saphira's harsh words, did however, shock Eragon back to reality. “Your right,” He said aloud, “I wasn't thinking.”

Eragon, I'm sorry if I sounded harsh, but thats what it took,
she apologized as Eragon shook his head.

“I understand. You have no reason to be sorry, but I do. I'm sorry, Saphira,” he replied. There were a few minutes of silence. Saphira did like Arya, and she regretted that the relationship had ended so roughly, but there was nothing she could do.

“Why don't we go and explore, oh, I don't know...” he started.

Master Oromis suggested we explore Du Weldenvarden,
she said, in a more calm tone. Eragon nodded this time, appreciating the comment. In a more cheery mood, he quickly mounted Saphira, gazing at the treetops as she lifted them both into the air.


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