New: Author's Ramble & Apply!

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New: Author's Ramble & Apply!

Post by kamokronos on Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:33 am

Author's Ramble:
Well, now I came up with a better, and more organized system to start this. Its based off a blog (Which can be found here). Basically, its basically about the newest chapters, plans, and a bit of news that doesn't really need announcing (AKA: Ramble Very Happy). If you want information on future chapters, you might want to read this Wink. (Found at the top of the "Portal" page!)

You can see it at the top of the forum index, but for those of you who haven't noticed, its there! Just fill out the form, and submit it, and you might just become a Moderator of Author Kamokronos.


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