Chapter Four: Darkest Hope

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Chapter Four: Darkest Hope

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Chapter Four:
Darkest Hope

Murtagh and Thorn flew towards Urubaen, it had been 3 days since their fight with Eragon. Are we doing the right thing, Thorn? he asked his dragon.

No. What I wouldn’t give to be on the side of the Varden, but you… he replied.

I am bound to Galbatorix. If only there was a way to remove it.

Did not Eragon offer his assistance? Thorn remembered.

Yes, he did, and I was foolish not to accept then, but there is no way he would help me now. Murtagh sighed. I miss you, brother, he thought to himself.

Perhaps, but he is the only one who can help you, he’s your only hope, no matter how dark. Thorn said.

Aye, but how will I ask him?
Murtagh asked, I will not be able to escape Galbtatorix.

Maybe, but I will. I can find Eragon, and persuade him to help us.

Murtagh looked down, towards the ground. They were nearing Urubaen. Thorn, thank you. Drop me off here, and find Eragon, he commanded.

Of course, but where shall I find him?

Murtagh thought a moment. While he had been training with Galbatorix, he had heard that the King had captured the beloved of Eragon’s cousin, Roran. Murtagh answered, Helgrind.

Thorn landed, and Murtagh jumped off his back, Good luck, Murtagh said, and started off towards Urubaen. Thorn took to the dark sky, and flew in the direction of Helgrind. He was forced to travel only during the night, as Galbatorix had ordered Thorn to be a secret. If he was caught, Galbatorix would immediately know, and punish both him and Murtagh.

He had trouble finding enough food without Murtagh, who normally went into town to get meat. There are no real forests in the empire, Thorn noted. It took him two days, but he finally made it to Helgrind. When Thorn got near, he sensed another dragon, and knew it had to be Saphira. This is an opportunity to prove myself, he thought, as he saw Saphira cornered by two lethrblaka. He spiraled higher into the air, and dove straight onto the first lethrblaka. Saphira let out a roar of shock, but then charged the second, sending it flying towards the ground.

Thorn had the final blow when he pounced on its neck, breaking it and killing it at that very moment. Traitor! What are you doing here? Saphira demanded.

I came seeking your rider’s help, he answered.

Help with what exactly? she sneered.

Murtagh needs him to remove his bond with Galbatorix, for we wish to join the Varden. Thorn’s answer nearly made Saphira fall out of the sky. It was the answer she expected the least. After all, Eragon had already offered Murtagh his help, and he had refused.

Very well. You saved my life, and I cannot deny that. However, Eragon and his cousin are busy at the moment, when they return, you can speak to them if you wish. Thorn bowed his head, and landed on the ground beneath them, Saphira following.

I will wait.


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