Chapter Three: The Depths Of Helgrind

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Chapter Three: The Depths Of Helgrind

Post by kamokronos on Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:02 am

Chapter Three:
The Depths Of Helgrind

They took off as dawn broke the eerie darkness. Awaiting them, as all three new, were the Ra’zac, and Helgrind. Roran dreaded the thought of fighting the Ra’zac, but rejoiced that he would soon see Katrina. Eragon, however, neither feared nor rejoiced in facing the Ra’zac in battle again. It reminded him of Murtagh, his words echoing through out Eragon’s mind, and Garrow, the farm and his father’s dead and motionless body. Who am I now? Will I ever know? Or am I just a monster, like Morzan, he wondered. No matter what anyone did, including Saphira, that same thought always crossed Eragon’s mind. It was like a curse, worse than even Durza’s. If there is one thing I fear, he decided, it is my friends, my family, and those whom I love fearing me. Just because I am Morzan’s son. He could bear the thought no more, so instead initiated a conversation with Roran. “What will you do after we rescue Katrina?” he asked.

Roran thought for a moment, and then replied, “I will stay with the Varden in Surda. Perhaps we can be of some use while you are training….wherever that is.”

“I train with the elves,” he replied. Even though Roran pestered him for more information, he refused to elaborate, knowing that his cousin might be subject to torture, or any means necessary that Galbatorix might use to remove the information of the Elves’ city from him. Instead, he just kept silent, and again was forced to dwell on the thought of Morzan.

You mustn’t worry, Little One. You do not want to be caught off guard by the Ra’zac, Saphira warned.

I know, I know. Its just…what if other people, not you, fear me? Like Arya, Nasuada, Oromis, or someone else.

Eragon, Arya would never… Saphira was interrupted when two large beasts lunged towards her. Eragon looked down, and saw Helgrind. When he returned his attention to the fight, he realized that they weren’t beasts but…Lethrblaka! Saphira told him.

She performed aerial techniques, striking back at both of them, but being forced to retreat. Two lethrblaka were too much for her. Saphira, you must land, else we will all be killed! Eragon shouted through their connection. Saphira spiraled into a nose dive. Just before hitting the ground, she leveled and landed perfectly, leaving Roran nauseous. Eragon leaped off Saphira, and Roran followed. Saphira, don’t fight, but can you throw them off while Roran and I rescue Katrina?

I will do my best….good luck, Little One,
she replied.

Thank you, Saphira. You as well.
After exchanging their best wishes, Saphira took to the air as Roran and Eragon charged into the depths of Helgrind.

“Eragon, where is she being held?” asked Roran.

“Im not sure. I think the more important question though, is where are the Ra’zac.” Like an answer, he heard the clicks of the Ra’zac language. “Duck!” Eragon shouted to Roran. They plunged their bodies to the ground, as a Ra’zac came flying overhead.

“That was too close,” joked Roran, in the midst of a fight. Eragon drew his steel blade, and was yet again reminded of Murtagh, and how he had stolen Zar‘roc. Eragon shook his head to clear his mind. He charged the first Ra’zac, leaving Roran to defend himself. Eragon jumped as high as he could without hitting the cave ceiling, and came down upon the unsuspecting Ra’zac. It moved just enough though, that instead of cleaving it in two, he merely cut an arm off. It was enough, and the Ra’zac released a shrill of pain that pierced his ears.

Eragon took advantage of the moment, and slashed with his blade, as quick as an elf. Roran watched from the sidelines, astounded by his ferocity, yet gracefulness. Amazing, Roran thought to himself. Eragon shifted his sword to his left hand, and cut horizontally, tearing away the Ra’zac’s torso from his legs. No sound came this time, the Ra’zac was already dead.

Eragon turned to the other one, who had initiated a fight between itself and Roran. His cousin was struggling to block its attacks, and Eragon saw that its breath was already taking its toll on Roran. He cursed under his breath, and threw himself into the fury.

Roran backed out, taking a breath. He began swaying back and forth. He looked around, and everything went hazy. What is this? he wondered to himself, before toppling to the ground and passing out.

Eragon muttered a few more curses. Why now? He remembered he had brought an antidote, so continued his fight duel with the last of the Ra’zac.

He slashed, upper cut, punched, and kicked, but it seemed that this Ra’zac was on his guard after seeing how easily Eragon had defeated the last one. Eragon began to get fed up, and used magic. “Brisngr!” he shouted, and fire erupted from his sword like a snake, enveloping the human-like beast. It screamed in pain, but subsided after a minute, it’s body limp on the ground. Eragon sighed, but then focused on Roran. He removed the antidote from his pack, and administered it to Roran, saving some in case Katrina might need it. 10 minutes…15 minutes….After half an hour, Roran became conscious again.

“Roran, lie still, you need time to recover,” Eragon warned him.

“Aye, my head hurts like never before.” Roran swayed, “Thank you, Eragon.”


Saphira did her best to lead the Lethrblaka away, while still avoiding both their attacks. It seemed futile, though. She dodged one attempt, but was struck by another. No matter what she did, they were always on her tail. Her energy began to ebb away as the hours flew by. Hurry up, Eragon! she shouted, even though he couldn’t hear her.

While she was thinking of what to do, she flew into a trap. She had flown near a cliff, and now she was stuff between rocks, and the lethrblaka, both of them cornering her. She froze in fear and anger, what do I do now?


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