Chapter Eleven: An Oath Of Bonds Eternal

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Chapter Eleven: An Oath Of Bonds Eternal

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Chapter Eleven:
An Oath Of Bonds Eternal

Saphira's wings beat the dust particles from the ground, sending the debris flying across the ground. He was greeted first with the elven gesture by Oromis, showing him deep respect. “Welcome back, Eragon-vodhr, Saphira,” he said politely, while Glaedr let out a deep grumble of agreement.

“Its good to be back, Ebrithil. Saphira and I are both eager to continue our training...,” Eragon replied.

Yes, it seems like its been quite a long time, Ebrithil, Saphira said.

“Not that long...,” He said, as he began to examine Eragon. “Enough small talk, what is occupying your mind?” he asked Eragon.

“So many things, Ebrithil. We have many questions.” Over the past few weeks, Eragon's questions had not been answered, instead, they had only dug up more questions. With each answer, more questions only filled the vacancy of the last. It was like cutting off the head of the serpent, and watching as two more grew from the same place.

“Ask away. The sooner I answer the questions I can, the sooner we may resume training.” With Oromis intent and listening to all of Eragon's questions, he began with those that troubled him the most.

“First, there is something I must tell you: I am son of Morzan, and brother of Murtagh.” He nearly choked the last few words out. It was different, telling someone other than Saphira, like a burden lifted off his shoulders, which were, slowly weakening...fading away.

Oromis' jaw gaped, and it was only for the second time did he see an elf utterly surprised. “I see...things are beginning to make sense now.”

“Perhaps...Murtagh was born before me, but when I was born, Selena hid in Carvahall. She left me there, and returned to Morzan.”

“Interesting...And this is disturbing you?” He inquired.

“Of course! Wouldn't it upset you if your father was the accomplice of a murderer, and helped to bring down the riders with his own bare hands?!” He exclaimed. Eragon couldn't believe that Oromis didn't think that having a murderer as a father wouldn't be disturbing.

“It doesn't matter who your father is, its who you are now. You said you had questions to ask me?” he said calmly, almost reassuringly.

“Yes, first, why was Murtagh stronger than me? I've been training for longer than him, and yet, he beat me without much effort.”

“Murtagh's mentor was Galbatorix himself. He knows evil ways of obtaining power, but I also think that Murtagh...” Oromis suddenly stopped midsentence.

“That what?” Eragon asked eagerly in the middle of the pause.

“...knows his true name...”

“What...what do you mean, Ebrithil?” he stammered.

“When a rider learns their true name, they obtain great power. Not only over themselves, but of magic. Strength that was once concealed to them is revealed. I believe Murtagh was told his true name by Galbatorix, and that is why Murtagh is not only more powerful than you, but is serving Galbatorix in the first place.”

“Isn't there a way to free someone of their bonds when someone else knows their name?” he asked, thinking about Murtagh's wish to free himself from the tyrannic king.

“Yes, just one way...”


“First, may I ask you why you want to know? If Murtagh chose to serve Galbatorix on his own accord, no matter what you do, only he himself can break his own bonds.”

“Err...,” he paused, thinking of a way to avoid telling him about Murtagh's wish to serve the Varden.

There is no choice, Eragon, we must tell him. Perhaps its for the best anyway, Saphira concluded. Eragon agreed.

“Murtagh came to us, and in doing so, saved Saphira's life...He wants to be a part of the Varden, and break free from Galbatorix's clutches.”

“So that is why you want to know. This is unfortunate Eragon, for there is only one way to break his bonds. It was really his own fault for letting Galbatorix get a hold of him, but there probably was no other alternative. Still, he should not have given in, for Blood-Oaths are not easily severed. They are as eternal as life itself, that continue even after they die. He was foolish to so casually give his life away.”

“What do you mean unfortunate? And what do you mean Blood-Oath?” Eragon said, stunned. Oromis had not only disapproved of Murtagh's wishes to serve the Varden, but had also said his brother had promised to give his blood for Galbatorix. For Eragon, the truth was overwhelming, and simply not possisble.

“It sounds exactly how it means. Unfortunately, Murtagh was forced to give a Blood-Oath to Galbatorix to ensure his loyalty. Do you know what this means, Eragon?"

“No, Ebrithil...”

“It means that to break a Blood-Oath, he must kill one of his own kin,” Oromis answered.

“You mean...,” Eragon trailed off, realizing not only the meaning of his master's words, but the implications. It was unfathomable.

“I mean that in order to break free from Galbatorix, he must first kill you.”


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