Chapter Two: Family, Fealty, Or Heart

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Chapter Two: Family, Fealty, Or Heart

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Chapter Two:
Family, Fealty, Or Heart

Should I really do this? Eragon asked Saphira. Nasuada had refused to let him assist Roran in rescuing Katrina, but he couldn’t just let him go on his own. He was torn between family, fealty, and his heart. Together, they were tearing him to shreds. He didn’t want to leave Roran alone to save Katrina from the Ra’zac, but he didn’t want to go against Arya or Nasuada.

I think, Eragon, she replied, that the right thing would be to assist your nest mate. I cannot understand why Lady Nasuada would refuse your request. It is the least she owes both Roran and us.

I agree. I can’t understand either.
Eragon paused a moment to think on the subject. We will leave tomorrow. I only wonder, shall we tell Arya?

No, the last time you did something that contradicted her wishes, she nearly lost control,
Saphira thought. Eragon shuttered at the thought.

Aye, but I don’t like to deceive her, of all people….
he stopped before he said something that he knew Saphira would ridicule him for. I will gather the supplies, will you inform Roran in my stead?

Of course, Eragon
. He put his hand on her shoulder, then stood in a single motion, and ran to gather supplies. Saphira took to the sky. It reminded her of her first flight with Eragon. It has been a long time…. she thought to herself, and we have both changed much.
Saphira quickly located Roran with her mind, and landed some ways away, so as to avoid from blowing tents down with the strength of her gusts. Saphira saw Roran peek out of his tent to see the commotion, and the surprise on his face to see her standing right in front of him. “Ah, Saphira, where is Eragon, I wanted to talk to him, but he seems to have eluded me,” he asked her.

That is what I wanted to talk to you about. Eragon was not granted permission by Lady Nasuada, his liege lord, to assist you, but he has decided that he must do the right thing, and right his wrongs. He will go with you to Helgrind. We plan on leaving tomorrow, as he is out gathering supplies today. It would be too suspicious to get too much at one time. Nasuada might find out what we are planning,
she informed him.

“I see, so Eragon is betraying his liege lord to help me….I missed having him around.” Roran sighed, and looked up, towards the sky. I will save you Katrina, no matter what it takes. Then nothing will be able to separate us, he promised her, as much as himself, in his mind.
He watched the dust fly across the air as Saphira took to the sky, and headed towards hers and Eragon’s tent.


Meanwhile, Eragon was gathering supplies from both the Surdans, and the Varden. He estimated that it would take two days to arrive at Helgrind on Saphira. Just in case though, he retrieved three days worth of rations. Just to be on the safe side, he told himself. As he went back to his tent, he found Arya waiting for him.

“Eragon,” she said simply, as if waiting for an explanation.

“Arya,” he showed his respect by using the elf gesture, “and why, might I ask, have you decided to visit me? You know me well enough to know what I plan on doing.”

“You would go against Nasuada?” she asked, surprised.

“Nay, she goes against what is right,” he retorted.

“I see….Do what you must,” she said in a soft voice, and stepped outside his tent.

Eragon sighed, and thought, well, it went better than I expected…

Arya walked to Nasuada’s tent, and entered as Lady Nasuada was dicussing finaces with King Orrin. King Orrin excused himself, and exited the tent. After making sure no one was around, Nasuada asked, “And what does Eragon plan on doing?”

“What we thought: the right thing. He plans on accompanying his cousin to save Katrina,” she replied. Lady Nasuada noticed that she looked distracted. Arya was peering past her, as if something was there.

“I see, I’m glad to hear that. I knew he would do the right thing. He passed the test. If he plans on leaving tomorrow…..I will tell him when he returns,” she told Arya. “Morzan….his father, I can only imagine what must be going through his mind,” she said in a quieter voice.



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