Chapter Ten: Master and Apprentice

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Chapter Ten: Master and Apprentice

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Chapter Ten
Master And Apprentice

Eragon and Arya glided into the wondrous city of Ellesmera on Saphira's back, the Elves still in awe of the beauty emanating from the young dragon. Eragon was still concerned, and almost frightened, about Arya's actions thus far. She still hasn't spoken a word to me, he noted to himself, ruining the cheery atmosphere of their arrival with negative thoughts. Even the comforting words of Saphira couldn't dim the worries and regrets that hovered on the edge of his mind.

“Welcome back to Ellesmera, Shadeslayer, Saphira,” Queen Islanzadi, of the Elves, announced. Giving a welcoming gesture towards the group, Queen Islanzadi ushered them into the hall, but pulled her daughter, Arya aside in greeting. “How do you fare, my daughter?” she queried in a motherly voice. Instead of answering, though, Arya just shrugged off Islanzadi's hand and walked away, leaving her mother aghast, and surprised by her sudden mood and hostility.

Seeing her surprise, Eragon approached to inform her of the same thing he had told Arya. “Queen Islanzadi, she's been thus since we,” indicating himself and Saphira, “told her of my prophecy.”

Another surprised look crossed the Queen's face, “Oh? And what prophecy have you seen?” Eragon explained to her his dream, describing everything as vividly as he had first seen it, from the blood flowing on the ground, to the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of bodies of Elves and soldiers alike. He saved the worst for last, though, and explained what had really upset Arya. “She's going to lose someone...again,” was all he could say. The though almost hurt him as much as it had Arya.

“I know what its like to lose someone,” he began, “And I would do everything within my power to prevent it from befalling someone else.” After a dramatic pause, he continued, “Forgive me, Queen Islanzadi, but Saphira and I are tired, and would like to retire to our quarters. By your leave?” The Queen waited a long moment, and then gestured her approval, still left speechless by his news. Come on, Saphira, he called, signalling to her.

Patience Eragon, I'm on my way, she said gently, as if anything she said could hurt him. Landing beside him, they began their walk towards Vrael's old rooms. On the way, he gazed at the scenery, taking in all the loveliness from the Elven home. The city almost glowed with beauty, with nature seen everywhere.

Again, he thought the same thing over, We could live here, and not even know about the tyranny of Galbatorix.

Yes, we could Little One, but how different our destiny would be, she replied. Eragon considered it, and nodded his head.

Yes, he thought privately, and I never would have met her. Returning to the silence that had once overcome them during their flight, he again noted the serenity, and wished he could hide away, avoiding all the despair carved in stone into his destiny. Then a question that had long ago hovered at the back of his mind returned, Why me?

Eragon couldn't help but wonder why it was him. What had made him more important or special than anyone else, than the Elves, or any other human. After all, what had given him a pure heart, if his father was Morzan. So many people said that he was not his father, but was that really true? Morzan had once looked towards the future of the riders, but was only swayed later by the words of Galbatorix. In the end, Murtagh had fallen into the same trap as his father, and was lured into Galbatorix's evil plot. Will I be next?

He couldn't get rid of the doubt, instead, he could only shove it into the depths of his mind, only to discover one day again. He was shocked from his waking thoughts as they arrived at Vrael's old quarters. Eragon let out a sigh of relief as he saw what had been home to him for months in the past. Saphira took to the sky, so she could go through the entrance for Dragons. He climbed up the steep stairs with ease, and recalled what had once tired him from what seemed like so long ago. The dragons have done so much for me. They have healed me, given me the powers of an elf, and yet, I have done almost nothing for them. Hopefully, Master Oromis' training will allow me to assist them, he thought.

Saphira landed on the floor, gliding in from the opening. Settling down next to her, they said their goodnights, and fell into their sleep. This rest brought Eragon no reprieve, for he was plagued with nightmares about his prophetic dream. When the alarm went off, he quickly willed his heart to beat faster, and stood up. He prodded Saphira to wake her, and informed her, Come on, Saphira, we have to go!

I'm coming Little One, patience, she chided back, still a bit fatigued. Standing up on her large limbs, she signaled to Eragon to get on. He jumped onto her back, and flew towards the Crags of Telnaeir, where Oromis awaited their return. As Eragon watched the landscape pass by underneath him, he waited anxiously to see his new master, half afraid, and half excited that he would be able to continue his training.

What will he think when I tell him I'm Morzan's son, he wondered. Shrugging off the thought, he returned his attention to Saphira, who was just as eager to see Glaedr again. Relax, Saphira, who was it who told me `patient?` Instead of replying, she merely let out a chuckle, which in her case, was a deep rumble originating from her throat.

Several minutes passed, and the crags finally started to come into view, along with Oromis' small hut. Eragon could barely see the lean Elf standing next to the brightly shining gold dragon, Glaedr. It was an almost mystifying event, the reunion between Master and Apprentice.


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