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Before the Skulnor Wars, there were two clans: The Ragnos and the Amenos. The two clans lived at peave between themselves, along with the dwarves and elves, under the rule of one king, who united the kingdom of humans. For thousands of years, it was thus, until the race of dragons began to disappear from the land of Crystenos. The Ragnos discovered the last remaning eff, and claimed it, but the Amenos argued that it's power should be shared. Before the kind could settle the dispute, war and chaos broke out between the clans. Thus were the start of the Skulnor Wars. A year into the war, the egg was stolen. The Elves and Dwarves separated themselves from human kind, and faded away into the myths. The clans accused each other of the treacherous act, and even though the last of the dragons had disappeared, the wars continued. The king soon died, and with no son, a man named Ranor took advantage of the opportunity. He took the throne for himself, naming himself the king. He forced both the clans into submission, and he began to abuse his power as a Skulka. Dragon Lord. The war was over, but only a worse destiny had replaced it. Ranor oppressed the weak, and only his followers and worshipers lived in luxury. Human Kind was falling apart.


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